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Flirts Nearby


If you are looking to meet new people and hopefully create new connections, this app can become handy for you. See the list of available places nearby and the distance you are currently located from them. You can easily add a place to your favorites list, so it will be easy for you to get back to it whenever you feel like it. You can start your search easily. This app is super easy to use. You can browse through the list of categories – you have many to choose from. If you see something that holds your interest, you can tap it and then see all the available spots with in that specific niche. You can later on decide to click on a specific place to view more details about it, such as – the exact place its located, the distance you are from it, how you can reach it, what others thought about it (average rating) etc… This app can widen your search options and hopefully help you get on the track for finding a mate nearby. We love to keep things simple and free. We dont like to charge anything. This app is supported with ads. You can easily use it for as long as you want. You can even check it a few times a day, so you can tell what are the best spots which are available in your area. If you change your area – maybe when you drive to work, visit your family or even when you go out for a trip abroad – this app can still be handy, since its automatically update its database based on your spot (you GPS needs to be open). If you have comments or any new ideas of how to make this app more fun to use – we are here to listen to you, please mail us or just leave your comment below. We thank you for trying us out.